A Mortgage Broker 
providing a wide aray of Residential Loan programs to assist 
our borrowers meet their Mortgage Loan needs

ancho Santa Fe Mortgage Corporation's team of mortgage professionals is dedicated to building a long-term relationship. In an industry that has become transaction based this should be a refreshing change. 

Applying for a loan with RSFMC is as easy as picking up your telephone or going to this website. You will be dealing with an expert, "no pressure" professional. All RSFMC mortgage professionals use the latest computer technology without compromising our time-tested commitment to personal service. 

The entire transaction can be handled over the telephone from your home or office. We complete all forms for you, and personal interviews are not necessary unless requested by you. All completed forms are delivered to your home or office for review and signature. You never have to leave your home or office, we deliver or messenger all documents for your review and signature. We guarantee prompt service and frequent updates. In short, your convenience is our concern.

With leading edge technology, we deliver faster turnaround time and more comprehensive services, making our loan processing and underwriting more efficient and cost-effective. This translates into savings for our customers! 

We underwrite all of our loans. Therefore, we know your loan will be approved by one of our many banks, mortgage companies or investors. Also, we have a contractual relationship with one of the largest mortgage banks in the country to process, underwrite, approve and draw your loan documents in our office. You benefit from our ability to close your loan quickly and with no surprises. WE DO THE SHOPPING FOR YOU.

In order to become your mortgage loan company it is important to provide you with the support you need in order to close more loans.

We believe in responsible growth. Our Business Principles guide how we conduct our relationships, make our decisions and develop our people.

A Mortgage with Rancho Santa Fe Mortgage is the beginning of a life long relationship. With our commitment to excellence and success, WE WILL create a strong partnership! With that in mind, send us your loan scenario today! We look forward to working with you!


Trusted in the Mortgage Industry for over 19 years  
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